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EXTENDED HOLIDAY HOURS! Tesoro LA Mon to Fri 10-6 Sat 9-6 Sun 11 to 5 / Tesoro BH Mon to Wed 10-6 Thu to Sat 10-9 Sun 11 to 5
Oh How I Miss Trade Shows

Oh How I Miss Trade Shows

I came across something I wrote a few years ago. A fantastic reminder of how valuable the shows are because of the relationships that they help to create.


Walking the Javits trade show floor for nine-hours-a-day, four-days-in-a-row gives your brain a blister. Your ears buzz from the rising sound of thousands of people in conversation, scanners pinging as they read barcodes, mobile phones ringing and clinging, and handled objects clanking as they’re put back in place.

Your eyes puff up from searching for items that help tell the merchandising stories you’re trying to create. Where’s the black and white ethnic vibe? Who’s featuring dusty rose? Which book covers speak to an art aficionado? Do these pocket knives scream guy gift?

Your head aches from deciding Which color? Which texture? Which size? How many? When to start shipping and what the cancel date is? Which store(s) will this work for? Will you accept backorders? OK to ship incomplete? What if another store is selling the item? Do you want it too? Can it be customized? What’s the minimum to order? Does it come packaged in a box for easy gift wrapping?

It’s a perpetual Calgon moment.

Central Park is my soothing soak. I like to get up early the day after the show and wander around. I spy untethered dogs romping around together and isolated people, sitting by the lake, with closed eyes meditating in the warmth of the day. I watch tourists taking pictures at Belvedere Fountain while I listen to the falling water tickle the lilies.

This morning, the boat pond fascinated with sunlight dancing on its surface. It sparkled like a Hollywood Hills’ view of the city at midnight. I reflected on the importance of patience and timing as young ducklings battled for possession of the dilapidated wood raft.

Had I approached the water from a different path or not stopped earlier to enjoy the floating flora, I would have missed the sun rays beaming down through the trees.

I felt like the universe sent me a message-the paths you choose lead you to where you need to be. Don’t rush it. You’ll get there when the time is right. Treasure the journey.

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