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We are now located exclusively in Beverly Hills! 416 N. Canon Dr. ***Free 2-Hour Parking***
We are now located exclusively in Beverly Hills! 416 N. Canon Dr. ***Free 2-Hour Parking***
The 24 hour one-stop shop

The 24 hour one-stop shop

Who you are is not what you have.

It’s what you give.

Let’s pivot in 2019. Let’s disrupt our current direction by abruptly changing course. Let’s discover what could happen if we simply open ourselves up to a new way.

Wow. I must be more careful when I write notes to myself. Talk about powerful manifesting!

Well, here I am opening up to a new way. I had to disrupt my business model of “Explore the store! Touch and play with everything.” Shuttering my doors during the onset of the virus made me realize that I’d have to invent a new way to stay connected while still giving my customers the level of service and attention they’ve become accustomed to for over twenty years.

Transactions in my store are about conversation, connection, and community. The exchange of goods for money is simply the way to keep the lights on. But that’s not what motivates me each day.

I know that when each item leaves my store, it’s on its journey to bring joy. The object says “I care. I value. I celebrate. I love you.” It creates happiness for the giver and the receiver.

I’ve always been opposed to online shopping because I lose out on the storytelling. I don’t know who the gift is for.

Well, I finally had to face reality. Online shopping is critical to staying in business in 2020.

In designing a new website, I wanted to create experiences that had the same level of ease and discovery as shopping in-store. I didn’t want it to feel corporate. I wanted its voice to be mine. “Hi! Welcome. Are you here exploring or are you on a mission for a gift? On a mission, so what’s the gift challenge today?”

So, I had the creative team build a gift finder, an interactive form, where you set the age, price point, and interest and then the digital elves make curated gift suggestions. It’s the next best thing to asking me!

But what if someone really just wanted to shop with me? We set up a private appointment button where you can schedule to shop privately in-store or over FaceTime. Also, we added a real time chat button for immediate question taking while you’re on the site.

There’s a Be Inspired tab that leads to a world of gift suggestions from St Tropez State of Mind to Modern Baby for when you feel like exploring or aren’t sure what you’re looking for.

We’re super excited about the new kids’ gift registry. We wanted an easy way for family and friends to remember birthdays and the importance of giving, especially during this surreal time.

Of course, like everything else in my shop, what’s good for kids is good for adults. So, adults can set up a registry as well.

If you don’t need a registry but would like to share a favorite item with someone, simply click “drop a hint” and an email featuring your find will be sent.

The site shows every item in each shop. As you browse, you’ll see Online only, Tesoro only, or Tweak only alerting you to where the item lives in case you want to come in to see it in person.

We’re also offering shipping, in-store pick-up, and local delivery.

So, I invite you to discover the new and see what disruption has created.

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victoria principal - August 21, 2020

I’m very excited to have a gift resource for 2020!

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