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NOW OPEN DAILY! 416 N. Canon Drive. 90210
A Chanukah Memory

A Chanukah Memory

I was rummaging around in my dad’s closet and accidentally knocked over a box. Slides and super 8 films spilled out over the floor. I collected the reels and read titles like Mirman School party, SeaWorld, and Chanukah.

I converted the movies into video and discovered more than a memory of me and my mom.

My dad filmed us unwrapping my Chanukah gifts. I was so excited to tear the paper but had no understanding of what I was actually had been given. My mom had to explain that I could look through the Viewfinder and discover foreign places. The electric Snoopy toothbrush would make brushing fun.

Watching this I realize that my love of gifting really comes from my mom. She spent so much time making sure all my presents were wrapped knowing it would create an experience that would delight me. She gifted me presents with purpose. She wanted to make my life brighter.

While the gifts were for me, they really were a gift to us. From my dad filming to my mom creating this memory with me, giving is loving.

I think what I love most about every day I step into my shop, is that I get to be a connector for other people to express love for their friends and family.

Their happiness is my happiness.

Thank you mommy, for giving me the tools that have lit up my life.

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