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NOW OPEN DAILY! 416 N. Canon Drive. 90210
NOW OPEN DAILY! 416 N. Canon Drive. 90210


Babies + Kids - Creative
  • Puffy Pens

    Puffy Pens


    Enjoy magical art like you've never experienced before. Magic Puffy Pens are a very special set of pens that puff up when you apply heat. Amazing! ...

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  • Saturn Sparkle Dough

    Saturn Sparkle Dough


    Get outta this WORLD and be a planetary visionary! Have a blast on this journey, and discover your own SPACE!

  • Not a Peep Dough

    Not a Peep Dough


    Invite your peeps! Not a Peep will make you squeak with joy as you squish and sculpt with friends. 

  • Planet Earth Dough

    Planet Earth Dough


    Part art. Part science. All fun. Explore our planet in a whole new way as you dig your way through the Earth’s layers.

  • Vegetable Paint

    Vegetable Paint


    A perfect way to create the day away indoors! Each set includes: One custom designed paintbrush for little hands and three tins of powder-based V...

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