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Now open Tuesday- Saturday 10-6; 416 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills 90210
Now open Tuesday- Saturday 10-6; 416 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills 90210

Imagine Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory meets the little shop around the corner

17 things we believe in

  1. Playing is essential to being happy.
  2. The only acceptable answers to “Hi. How are you?” are Fantastic! Tremendous! Stupendous! Ok, fine, or good are simply not good enough.
  3. The power of yes, smiling, and eye contact.
  4. None of us actually needs anything. However, we do believe in items that enhance our lives. They must be purposeful, convenient, educational or downright fun.
  5. Value is getting more for more.
  6. You don’t have to offer everything, only the best.
  7. Products have energy and are 3D memories.
  8. Shopping small. We have huge respect for the courage it takes to either leave one’s comfy job or to risk one’s savings to invest in a creative concept, manufacture it and bring it to market.
  9. “Jumping”- facing fear and embracing change.
  10. Quality needs to make a comeback.
  11. You’re only as good as your word.
  12. Big companies who strive to have happy employees.
  13. Good manners.
  14. Children should be encouraged to imagine.
  15. Customers should leave better for having spent some time with us.
  16. Tearing gift wrap paper is the best part of getting a present. It’s all about the reveal.
  17. There’s always time for a bow.

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