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NOW OPEN DAILY! 416 N. Canon Drive. 90210

Mamba Forever Book


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Mary Zaia's Mamba Forever collects wise words from one of the greatest basketball players in history, Kobe Byrant.

Being successful means being relentless.

Enter the mind of Kobe Bryant, the celebrated "Black Mamba," a competitor so laser focused on victory that his brain could not process failure. This moving collection of Kobe's most personal and insightful quotes on life, success, and the game of basketball will encourage you to push past your own struggles and achieve your greatest goals. With words straight from the heart of a champion to urge you onward, you'll never be at a loss for inspiration.

- Enjoy more than 150 stirring quotes on determination, self-improvement, leadership, and a winning attitude
- Look to Kobe for strength, confidence, and the courage to pursue your dreams
- Celebrate the life of a basketball icon whose legacy lives on