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Now open Tuesday- Saturday 10-6; 416 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills 90210

Fluffy Pillow Sandalwood Incense Tin


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This product can easily be used as an incense clip without a holder, is safe to use as it is made from earth-derived materials, and is convenient to be enjoyed anywhere.
It contains the know-how and quality of traditional scents through collaboration with domestic incense stick craftsmen with ample experience.
This is an all-in-one product with holder and tray that provides a reasonable price, sufficient capacity, and a safe storage method, making it easy to use even for beginners.
It is made by kneading the powder, pulling it out like noodles, and then drying it.
The product is adequate for when you prefer a luxurious and soft scent.
This is an original incense developed with a long-established domestic manufacturer specializing in stick incense.
This product is filled with the know-how of traditional perfumery so that it fits well into your space.
It is made with earth-derived materials so that you can enjoy atmospheric moments with your loved ones with peace of mind.

70 incense sticks, a tin case (Collins' vintage tin case that can be used as a tray and store incense sticks), two incense clips (equipped with both aesthetics and practicality)

Stick incense is made from domestic earth-derived materials (wood flour, sandalwood, and Japanese elm), producing less soot and softer smoke compared to Indian incense.