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NOW OPEN DAILY! 416 N. Canon Drive. 90210
NOW OPEN DAILY! 416 N. Canon Drive. 90210

Felt Circuit Toy


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A whole new kind of circuit! You’re bound to love the 12 felt pieces that make up the road! Easy for children aged 2 years and above to assemble. This circuit is full of surprises: besides the soft and light fabric pieces, there is a raised bridge-reminiscent element, an “electric” vehicle that attaches to the charging terminal via a magnet, and pretty wooden trees that decorate this beautiful road track. For fun that never ends, several layouts are possible! Warning: make sure the 4 coloured vehicles obey the highway code! :-) This game stimulates your child's dexterity, whilst promoting their imagination and creativity. This early-learning toy – made of felt and FSC® wood