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Now open Tuesday- Saturday 10-6; 416 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills 90210
Now open Tuesday- Saturday 10-6; 416 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills 90210

English Alphabet Magnetibook


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re's why this Magneti'book - English Alphabet is special:

  • Educational Exploration: This magnetic wonder is not just a game; it's a journey to the time of dinosaurs! Perfect for children aged 3 and over, this Magneti'book introduces them to 40 magnetic pieces and 10 cards, each revealing a dinosaur's Latin name. It's a playful approach to learning and discovering the captivating world of dinosaurs.
  • Create or Invent: Unleash the imagination! The magnetic pieces, carefully stored in this easy-to-carry and store cardboard game, allow kids to assemble dinosaurs according to templates or invent their own colossal creatures. Every piece is interchangeable, paving the way for hours of creative fun.
  • Portable Learning: Have you discovered Magneti'books yet? These portable magnetic wonders are adored by both the young and the young at heart. Open the book, follow the templates or create your own dino masterpieces—the possibilities are as vast as the Mesozoic era!
  • Sustainable Play: Crafted from FSC®-certified and other controlled materials, this Magneti'book is not just a journey through time; it's an eco-friendly adventure, ensuring your child's playtime aligns with sustainability.
  • Developmental Delight: Tailored for children aged 3-6, this Magneti'book not only entertains but also nurtures imagination and fine motor skills, making learning a thrilling and hands-on experience.