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Tesoro LA is open at 10am on Mother's Day! 8384 Beverly Blvd
Tesoro LA is open at 10am on Mother's Day! 8384 Beverly Blvd

Cortlan Budman

  • dinosaur bingo


    Play dinosaur bingo with a huge Giganotosaurus, an armour–plated Stegosaurus and many other fearsome dinos, in a kids edition of the popular adult ...

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  • pencil nose game

    Pencil Nose Game


    Think you've got a nose for drawing? In this hilarious party game, players have to use their sniffers to try and sketch the prompt and then hope th...

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  • Rush Hour Puzzle

    Rush Hour Puzzle


    It will take more than a little skilled driving to get the red car out of this traffic jam – it will take brainpower. In Rush Hour, a sliding block...

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  • dart ball game

    dart ball game


    Prove Your Skills In This Competition By Being The First To Tally 500 Dartball Points For The Win Fire Djubi Balls Off The Dart Ball Mini Launcher ...

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  • fastrack game

    fastrack game


    Fast Paced action game focus and attention/ fine motor and dexterity Filled with non-stop thrills and sporty action. Shoot all 10 discs through the...

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  • curve bowl toy

    curve bowl toy


    Can you roll the perfect curve?Roll the wobbly weighted ball at just the right angle to make it curve smoothly past the two obstacles. You're going...

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  • hey clay - dinos

    hey clay - dinos


    Become a professional clay artist!The 18 cans of quality clay included in this vibrant set are soft, lightweight, non-sticky, nontoxic, and stain-f...

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