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Tesoro LA - Wed-Sat 11AM-6PM, Sunday 12-5 / Tesoro BH- Tues-Sat 10-6
Tesoro LA - Wed-Sat 11AM-6PM, Sunday 12-5 / Tesoro BH- Tues-Sat 10-6


  • Fastrack Game

    Fastrack Game


    One of my favorite games to play! It's fast action and non-thinking! Perfect for competitive kids and kidults! Fast Paced action game focus and att...

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  • Mindblock Game

    Mindblock Game


    Engaging 2-4 player family game using math and strategy. Rummy with stacking blocks! Think ahead to gather your blocks into sets and runs, using th...

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  • Dart Ball Game

    Dart Ball Game


    Prove Your Skills In This Competition By Being The First To Tally 500 Dartball Points For The Win Fire Djubi Balls Off The Dart Ball Mini Launcher ...

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  • Tumble Maze

    Tumble Maze


    Challenge your mind in this logic fueled solo puzzle game Navigate through obstacles to get the stainless steel balls into a specific spot Position...

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  • Spring Shot Game

    Spring Shot Game


    Stack and arrange the 3 target cups anyway you'd like to prove your accuracy skills. Fire the Djubi balls to knock'em down one at at a time... or a...

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  • Snip Snap Game

    Snip Snap Game


    SNIP SNAP is the fast action dice matching game that will get your head spinning! Roll the dice and race to be the first to find a match between th...

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  • Slam Cup Game

    Slam Cup Game


    Match the cups then slam them down fast! Slam Cup is an intensely fast speed matching game. Match the color on the inside of your cup to the color ...

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  • happy bunny game

    happy bunny game


    Cooperative game for kids It's a surprise on every turn! This adorable game is perfect to teach teamwork and counting. Age 3 and up. 2 to 4 players  

  • Fish Club

    Fish Club


    Fish Club is a classic two player abstract strategy game with a modern twist. Two families of fish are going head to head for the best spot in the ...

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  • Cross Clues Game

    Cross Clues Game


    Cross Clues is a cooperative party game about making connections between clues. Work together to fill in the grid of code words by giving single wo...

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