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We are now located exclusively in Beverly Hills! 416 N. Canon Dr. ***Free 2-Hour Parking***
We are now located exclusively in Beverly Hills! 416 N. Canon Dr. ***Free 2-Hour Parking***

Age 9

  • Lego Race Cars

    Lego Race Cars


    Learn aerodynamic tips and tricks to put physics into action with this race car–building STEM kit! Includes materials to build ten race cars. WARNI...

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  • Pear Shaped Game

    Pear Shaped Game


    Pear-shaped is the fast and frantic pair-making, pear-grabbing card game that gets out of hand very quickly! Players aim to get rid of all their pe...

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  • Road Trip Puzzle

    Road Trip Puzzle


    The ultimate beach vacation is about to begin! But first, you've got to load up the car... Pick a challenge card and then collect the indicated it...

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  • Egghead Puzzle

    Egghead Puzzle


    Can you put all your eggs in one basket? Successfully deduce where each of the 16 eggs fit on the grid using the color and number clues. Crack each...

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  • Flexi Puzzle

    Flexi Puzzle


    Flex your mind with the Flexi Puzzle! 12 connected cubes can be bent in every direction. But which is the right way? With 80 challenges and 4 level...

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  • Upstruction Game

    Upstruction Game


    Do you have what it takes to work the high steel and win?Taking turns, players roll the die to decide which action to take. Roll an I-Beam to add t...

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  • Gear Bots Kit

    Gear Bots Kit


    Build your own automata with punch-out paper shapes and LEGOs!Easy, step-by-step instructions guide kids along as they fold the unique paper charac...

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  • Coggy Toy

    Coggy Toy


    Get your mental gears spinning with this bending, clicking, shape-shifting brainteaser!Moving from one challenge card to the next, it's up to you t...

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  • Slam Cup Game

    Slam Cup Game


    Match the cups then slam them down fast! Slam Cup is an intensely fast speed matching game. Match the color on the inside of your cup to the color ...

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  • Cross Clues Game

    Cross Clues Game


    Cross Clues is a cooperative party game about making connections between clues. Work together to fill in the grid of code words by giving single wo...

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  • pencil nose game

    pencil nose game


    Think you've got a nose for drawing? In this hilarious party game, players have to use their sniffers to try and sketch the prompt and then hope th...

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