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NOW OPEN DAILY! 416 N. Canon Drive. 90210
NOW OPEN DAILY! 416 N. Canon Drive. 90210

Age 3

  • Dino Garage Toy

    Dino Garage Toy


    VRRRoom! Back to the pit for the T-rex! Here is a magnificent garage in the shape of a diplodocus. The 4 rolling dinosaurs can go off for a jaunt a...

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  • Fire Station Toy

    Fire Station Toy


    Firefighters, there’s a fire! The alarm sounds, it’s time to jump into your best truck and drive fearlessly towards the fire that needs putting out...

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  • Garage Toy

    Garage Toy


    This is the coolest wooden garage for children with its rounded shapes and sparkling colours! Thanks to this beautiful imaginative toy, your child ...

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  • Alpaca 12" Toy

    Alpaca 12" Toy


    Amazingly soft and very cute – this gift will delight both children and adults. With its fine smooth touch, Alpaca fleece is a uniquely soft, luxur...

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  • Felt Circuit Toy

    Felt Circuit Toy


    A whole new kind of circuit! You’re bound to love the 12 felt pieces that make up the road! Easy for children aged 2 years and above to assemble. T...

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  • Bocce Ball Set

    Bocce Ball Set


    A bocce ball game in kid-size. Set includes 6 patterned memory foam balls (3 cherry; 3 leaves), 1 red target ball, and 1 cloth basket for storage. ...

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  • Vegetable Paint

    Vegetable Paint


    A perfect way to create the day away indoors! Each set includes: One custom designed paintbrush for little hands and three tins of powder-based V...

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