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Find us in Beverly Hills at 416 N. Canon Dr.
Find us in Beverly Hills at 416 N. Canon Dr.
Turn Up The Music

Turn Up The Music

Five years ago, I was beyond excited about opening my second shop at the flagship Fred Segal.

Kiira told me I could handle two stores. She was there every step of the way from helping me on buying trips, to staying up until 4am to finish merchandising the shop, to being the store manager. She was the wind beneath my wings. She was the superhero’s sidekick.

1085 days after this video Kiira lost her battle with brain cancer. 1085 ago my life changed forever.

She wasn’t just my support system and biggest cheerleader. She was that to all her friends.

Whenever I doubt myself or feel scared I ask myself “What would Kiira do?” I answer, “She’d turn up the music.”

She always had a smile, a positive outlook, and a fantastic playlist. Always.

Kiira and Tara in NYC.

Life always has high and low moments. It can’t always be new store openings but it can be lived in gratitude and in service to others, with self-love, with optimism, and with passion.

If you’re feeling blue, just know it’s not as bad as stepping off a curb and getting hit by a cement truck. (A customer was in one Sunday getting a gift for his injured friend.)

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring so please, treasure the gift of today.

It’s your chance to make memories in the hearts of people.


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