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Now open Tuesday- Saturday 10-6; 416 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills 90210
Now open Tuesday- Saturday 10-6; 416 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills 90210
European Lessons

European Lessons

I spent some time scrolling through photos from last summer's soujourn in Italy and France. 

Here are some lessons I learned while visiting Florence, Viterbo, Castiglione della Pescaia, La Turbie, Èze, Monaco, Antibes, and St. Tropez.

Grilled bread with olive oil and salt is an amazing breakfast.

You don’t experience culture simply in museums. You discover it meandering around small historic towns.

Maps, Google, and Waze will all give you different directions and alert you to turn when it’s about 50 feet too late.

Castles are actually referred to by the towns, not the family names.

Swifts soar around sunset.

There are more jellyfish now due to global warming.

You can still love a man you haven’t seen in 24 years just like it was yesterday.

Jay Luchs is everywhere.

6pm sun is intense.

It’s really easy to make a Negroni.

Rose petals or leaves should be used in adorning a bowl of fruit.

Be extremely cautious wearing leather soled shoes on tile floors.

The car rental drop-off fee to a different country is outrageously expensive.

Always post where you are when you travel. You never know which of your friends may be there too.

Luxury is having what no one else has.

Shop local for the best of the best.

New friends can be made in one conversation.

Travel without a plan.

Sit on a restaurant patio and watch the world go by.

Life is a series of events guiding us to where we’re supposed to be.

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