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@TweakAmericaBrains over #beauty. Keep learning. Striving to know more. Be informed. Read. Watch. Listen. Grow.… https://t.co/if6JbIGIo44 days ago
@TweakAmericaNo wonder there are #happy faces all over my shop! #tweak #bestgiftstoreever @ Tweak https://t.co/CriNgTY5dI7 days ago
@TweakAmericaReceived some birthday love from a total stranger. Puppy kisses are the best gift ever! https://t.co/Tlr8rpFfnK2 weeks ago
@TweakAmericaThank you Mr. Libya, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Matsuhisa for making my birthday brighter. @ Matsuhisa https://t.co/S1dlCgNQIZ2 weeks ago
@TweakAmericaEasy to get up at 4:40am when you do it for the right reasons. #happy #healthy #strength #endurancehttps://t.co/Cuv8qN9KVR2 weeks ago
@TweakAmericaSeems my cupboard is having a rough day. #oy #oyvey #coffee #mugs https://t.co/MGN360olaW2 weeks ago
@TweakAmericaWhat better place to pick up food for my mom's memorial this morning?! #biscuits #heaven #savannahhttps://t.co/svQRCdFW8z3 weeks ago
@TweakAmericaPhew! Just because I've lost IQ points doesn't mean I've lost value. #kindness #happy #joy https://t.co/Dbit0g2V1G3 weeks ago
@TweakAmericaYou reach a point in your life where you can't please everybody. So today I decided to make my… https://t.co/YcTTvvZzdI3 weeks ago