The World's Only, Year-round, Entirely Pre-wrapped Gifts, Store


1.Determine what to merge and what to purge and how to maintain one’s identity. 

tweak visits both homes to discover the needs and preferences of the couple and then creates a game plan including which coffee table gets retired, which color to paint the living room and which couch gets reupholstered. Think of tweak as your style mediator. $500

2. Bridal registry consultation.

tweak will suggest items that will help marry your styles as well as suit your lifestyle.  Register for what you truly need- pillows that wed your couch to his rug; linens to unite his headboard with your bedside table; and loads of serving pieces for those huge dinner parties you love to host.  $150/hr

tweak also offers tips and tricks on how-to register to ensure you receive exactly what is on your list (After all, tweak started as the Beverly Hills home accessories store Tesoro-so we know all about registry!)

3. Merchandise your new home with wedding gifts.

tweak will unpack and arrange your wedding gifts for you because we don’t want you to be one of those couples with boxes stacked unopened in the dining room because you have no idea where to put the vases and candlesticks.  If you need us to return your gifts and pick out something else, we can do that too. $150/hr