The World's Only, Year-round, Entirely Pre-wrapped Gifts, Store

What’s behind curtain number three? Who is going to win? What does the “after” look like? We all want to see the reveal.

That’s why gift wrapping is so important.  We all connect with the inner child and just want to tear the paper to discover what’s inside.

A wonderfully wrapped present creates anticipation and desire, much like a beautifully plated meal makes you salivate when it’s delivered to the table.

That’s why we don’t use gift bags with tissue.  All gifts are artfully wrapped with paper, ribbons and embellishments like crystals, pom poms, and butterflies.

To address the challenge of pre-wrapped gifts for air travel, the giftologist devised a travel proof wrap.  We use tissue paper and cellophane.  The plastic doesn’t tear or get dirty like paper and tape easily peels away from it so gifts can be unwrapped and rewrapped at airport security.