What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman



When I returned from New York, I found a book What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding sitting on my desk. The author, Kristin Newman, left a note saying that she thought I would relate to it and perhaps it would be a good fit for my shop. I opened to the first page and read, “I am not a slut in the United States of America.”

Now how did she know that I love to travel, have commitment issues, and am only good at dating if LAX is involved?

Perhaps being a comedy writer helped Newman perceive that I live my life like a sitcom, filled with episodic global romances and a fear that partnering would somehow limit me in my life.

If I were to marry who would invite me to spend a night at sea on an aircraft carrier, race Aston Martins, or hang out on the yacht off of Sardinia? Seriously, what would life be like if I actually found my mate?

Well, Newman answered my questions with some wisdom from Rachel the Hasidic journalist that “love frees you to be the person you actually are.”

When I finished her book I knew there was hope. If Newman could finally give up on looking for love in South America, then I could break free from my Kryptonite, Scandinavia. Her entertaining tales will not only make you believe in yourself and love but also make you want to be her friend and travel companion.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding now at TWEAK! I urge everyone to pick up a copy and delight in her international journeys filled with adventure, trysts and laughter.


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