TWEAK, The Original Giftery, Takes the “Bah Humbug” Out of Shopping


Los Angeles- TWEAK, The Original Giftery, Takes the “Bah Humbug” Out of Shopping
Celebrity giftologist Tara Riceberg makes buying presents (almost) more fun than receiving them!

Value makes a comeback with Tara Riceberg’s “More for more” retail concept store, Tweak, The Original Giftery. Her award-winning shop lives up to it’s domain name,, because it engages customers to play with its purposeful presents that are all pre-wrapped for grab-n-go convenience.

She has curated a collection for kids and kidults (adults that behave like kids) that enhances your life by either making it more convenient, making you smarter, or making you smile. Products range from quirky ice cube molds, beer foamers, and snarky reference books to organic teething rings, kinetic sand, and science kits.

Double-wide strollers easily navigate the big aisles and product at grab height is non-breakable. The store policy posted on the front door says, “Explore the store! You must touch everything. If you don’t you will miss out on the fun. If you accidentally break something, you must say sorry. We believe in good manners.”

Riceberg believes we need to play to be truly happy and she encourages customers to put down their technology and be fully present. Her insistence at connection and communicating has earned her a loyal following. Families consistently visit to play, read Tara a story, or sit down at the art table to create pictures for the shop walls.

Adults, either on a mission to get a gift or simply there to explore, have one thing in common- they are creative. In a city where people make believe for a living, Riceberg delivers items that make customers slap their heads with a V-8 moment of “why didn’t I think of that?” No wonder games marked ages 5 +up tend to sell more to adults as office gifts than to kids.

Creating a valuable experience is Riceberg’s goal every day. She hopes her customers “tune in to happy” or, as the doormat says, “Come Happy. Leave Happier.” To her, “Time is the only thing that matters. It needs to be appreciated, valued, and shared.” TWEAK is designed not only to be time efficient and but also for fun and laughter. There’s even a full size air hockey table for customers to challenge Riceberg to a game.

In a store with a tag line, “Where Harry Potter, Dorothy Draper, Leonardo da Vinci, and Santa Claus would shop if they lived in Hollywood” how could you be anything other than fantastically happy?

TWEAK 8384 Beverly Blvd. (@ Orlando), Los Angeles CA 90048 323-653-6531 Tara@TweakAmerica,com

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