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wishing kit
wishing kitwishing kit

wishing kit

By: children


6 Available

Product Description

This is a really easy and fun way to teach kids how to show goodwill toward others. We’ve got everything they need to make 8 cute crafts—from sending a wish to someone special to making a wish come true for themselves. Talk about a feel good craft.

• Kit includes 3.7 yards of acrylic yarn, 42.4 yards of cotton thread, 43 pieces of adhesive, 6 pieces of polyester felt, 32" of polyester thread, 26 pieces of paper, 2 paper straws, 2 chenille stems, 1 plastic needle, 1 plastic vial, polyester stuffing, 37 pom poms and 2 wood beads.

• Make a wish. Give a wish. It’s the nicest thing you’ll do today!