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starry night art kit
starry night art kitstarry night art kitstarry night art kit

starry night art kit

By: children


4 Available

Product Description

The Starry Night would have been just another landscape if it were not for van Gogh’s swirling layered brush strokes that make the painting come alive. The Starry Night Master Kitz includes all the tools your child needs to create their own Starry Night masterpiece and learning materials to deepen their understanding of the original painting. Each Starry Night Master Kitz includes:

A sturdy, re-usable art tool box with magnetic closures
3 Custom Acrylic Paints (child friendly)
5 Custom Oil Pastels (child friendly)
1 van Gogh Roller specially designed to replicate van Gogh’s active stroke
1 re-usable Starry Night Cyprus Stencil
1 standard paint roller
2 pieces deluxe art paper
1 low tack “Mesmerizing Stars” sticker sheet
Fun, easy-to-understand van Gogh learning materials
Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions