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mini flyer smiley

mini flyer smiley

By: children


8 Available

Product Description

An indoor flying toy that's perfect for any day, but can brighten a rainy or cold day when you're stuck inside!
This easy to fly sensor related flyer elevates when it feels a solid surface below it. Use your hand, knee, etc for touch free fun!
No batteries needed or required! Just charge it for 15-20 minutes and it's ready for you to see it float through the air!
Bring a smile to anyone's face wherever you are! The included USB cord makes it easy to charge your Mini Flyer almost anywhere.
Included remote is only for turning the propellers on/off and they'll automatically turn off if they hit a solid object.
Miniature Design for Indoor Flying; Super Infrared Control
Recharge through Transmitter; Built in Li-Poly Battery For Long Flying Time
Charging Time: 10-15 Minutes: Working Time: 8-10 Minutes