Hollywood’s Gift Closet- Pre-wrapped Gifts for Inventive Minds


Los Angeles- Hollywood’s Gift Closet- Pre-wrapped Gifts for Inventive Minds
LA’s fame makers shop tweak because owner Tara Riceberg is the curator of fun.

In Hollywood packaging is everything. No wonder LA’s only pre-wrapped gift store, or giftery, tweak, is a favorite amongst the creative geniuses who are able to convert ordinary names like George or Jennifer into iconic, global brands.

Store owner and giftologist, Tara Riceberg knows her audience. “My customers are the power that sets trends and shapes our pop culture. They make believe for a living, so no ordinary gift will do. It must reflect the creativity, wit, and style of the giver while delighting the receiver,” explains Riceberg.

From the moment their feet cross the “Come Happy, Leave Happier” doormat, to the exploration of the artfully selected items, Riceberg ensures her clients are having fun while choosing start or wrap gifts, and presents for all occasions from new baby to birthday to award wins.

Riceberg values time and ensures customers that theirs will be well spent with her. “We compete with fast paced games, like Fastrack or ask questions printed on poker chips from the new party game, Jarring Questions. We behave like kidults. Basically, we have fun and ditch the stress of work, for a little bit.”

She also saves customers time by elegantly pre-wrapping all the gifts. “Gift wrap entices you. Like a beautifully plated meal, you start to salivate before the first bite. You want to discover what’s inside. Like our obsession with reality TV competitions or make-over shows, we want the reveal. What’s the result? What’s behind the paper. Creating this anticipation is crucial in giving a good gift, “ she believes. “Not to mention you feel like a kid when you tear the paper.”

If her customers can’t find a grab-n-go gift, Riceberg goes into gift concierge mode and sources out-of-the-box presents. She’ll create custom leather-wrapped books, source hand-made dinnerware, and personalize cashmere accessories. Some of her favorites this season are custom made bikinis by Palmela, Chinese BaZi wealth charts by Anita Rosenberg, or ballet inspired workouts by Andie Hecker.

Riceberg’s ability to fascinate and entertain her customers comes from her understanding their needs. “Give them something that makes their life better, either by making it more convenient, making them smarter or making them smile.”
Her imaginative gifts, reflecting the buyers’ keen eyes for talent and style, keeps the elite of Hollywood shopping in her “gift closet” and having fun.

TWEAK 8384 Beverly Blvd. (@ Orlando), Los Angeles CA 90048 323-653-6531 Tara@TweakAmerica,com www.BestGiftStoreEver.com

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