Deborah Lindquist

Style: "Coco-Neutral"

For the fashion forward and style savvy, it’s not always easy being green. But the couture-inspired creations of Deborah Lindquist are changing all that. As one of LA’s most sought after environmentally conscious designers, Deborah creates exquisite apparel, accessories, and home-décor pieces out of a mix of recycled and new sustainable and organic fabrics.

cashmere scarf

Her eco-conscious clothing line combines environmental responsibility with a cutting-edge aesthetic. As noted in fashion magazines and blogs around the world, she works her fashion magic with a mixture of environmentally conscious fabrications (from vintage cashmere, hemp blends to organic linen) and the resulting designs are as striking as they are ecologically sensitive. As a trailblazer at the forefront of the stylish green-clothing movement, Deborah is making an impact in the fashion world while remaining true to her love for the environment, earning her the moniker of “Green Queen.”

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Whether designing a simple T-shirt from organic cotton, a reincarnated appliqued cashmere cardigan, or a cutting-edge wedding gown, Deborah’s mission is to create American-made, breathtaking eco-conscious designs that will deliver exquisite style and luxury to her clients while using the finest quality, cutting edge fabrics.

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